Samsung Galaxy S20 # RADR phone

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s20#radr phone
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Samsung's new Galaxy S20 5G mobile phone, S20 # screen 6.2 inches, 12GB RAM + 128GB, three rear cameras, 12MP, 64MP telephoto lens The battery is 4000 mAh and supports wired fast charging and wireless fast charging, as well as wireless reverse charging. Preset the latest radar series blockchain wallet and a series of ecological applications, and start the RADR animation. The 5G band is compatible with 4G. Security # Quick # Powerful



[ notes before purchase ] : 1. The Galaxy S20 # Radr version is the same as the normal 20 version in mainland China, which can be found on the official website. 2. Please fill in the consignee information (contact person, address, telephone number, etc.) carefully before placing the order and select the right quantity and color. 3. Page description color and the real machine may have some color differences are normal. 4. The S20 # Radr costs $1,080, and the dollar / VBC rate is based on the lowest average of the last 10 days, not the market price of the day. 6. This version is for specific items only if the quality issue does not support the return of goods to be fully understood before purchase. [ after-sales notice ] : This version of the mainland authentic goods, have three pack cards, follow the national quality three pack law. All-in-one body tags are attached to the back case. This sticker contains important information of the phone and represents the identity of the phone. Please save it properly to ensure your right of consumption. This tag will not be returned or replaced if lost cool...
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